Before and afters: What people like to see

July 31st, 2014 by Theme Production

Social media ‘admin’ pages tell us a lot of background information of what people like to see, what is shared, re tweeted and indeed what in some cases goes viral.

We try not to be too ‘sales-y’ with our posts, trying to be creative and sometimes humorous in our output and seeing the results of our labor can be amusing in itself. We have found that lots of beautiful event images get average views however posting a picture, during a very hot spell, of an ice-cream van melted into a road gets a gazillion views!

photo 1-2

What people do like to see are before and afters, the admin pages tell us that. Transformation is a key ingredient; sometimes clients have trouble seeing in their minds eye what an empty room on a cold February day could look like dressed for a Summer Ball. Even if the before and after pictures are not of the same venue it gives the client confidence that we CAN transform things.

The gradual build of an event is quite interesting. For a long long time during the build it appears chaotic and looks like it can’t possibly come together but from the picture below you’ll see that over a 9-hour period the venue went from empty room to full on ‘Rio Carnival’.

photo 2-2

Sometimes a before and after picture doesn’t give an idea of quite the effort that had gone into creating the final look, for example putting a set of indoor dodgems upstairs in a hotel took 12 men and a forklift truck!

photo 2

Before and afters don’t have to be on a large scale monetarily to be impressive, sometimes turning a dusty Church hall into a lively party venue is a great transformation in itself.

photo 1

Look out on our social media for more before and after images and of course the occasional funny cat picture too because of course we know that that’s what people really want to see!


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