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A great conference is all about your content and your client…

We deal with the complicated logistics leaving you free to communicate with your customers, staff & stakeholders. While you are busy inspiring and motivating your people, we’re busy making sure lunch for 300 delegates is delivered on time!

Our conference organising service can provide venue sourcing, design, workshop content, travel, delegate management, full AV set up speaker/entertainment booking and management.

Often conference organising is given to you on top of your already demanding role which can sometimes be an unwanted additional stress.

Our experience can help because it enables you to deliver a successful outcome. We help you address options you may not previously have considered. How and where will pre-registration take place? Will the room be too light for video? Where do 300 delegates store their suitcases on the final day?

In short, we are with you every step of the way, helping you to deliver a successful event so that the ‘drama’ happens on the stage & not behind the scenes!

“You were an oasis of calm in the middle of a desert storm! We could not have got through the day without your calm professionalism and expertise”
C T K Khoo FRCS – BAPRAS President

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